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QHR launches new data hosting company

KELOWNA, B.C. - Al Hildebrandt, President and CEO of QHR Technologies Inc., announced that it is entering into a joint-venture with SEBO Systems Inc., a private Calgary-based company, to create a new firm dedicated to providing data hosting, data storage services and solutions to the healthcare and other social services sectors.

The new company, Cloudwerx Data Solutions Inc. will be owned 51% by QHR and 49% by SEBO and will be headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

QHR currently provides data hosting and data storage services through its subsidiary Clinicvault Inc., and SEBO has a division providing similar services. Clinicvault and SEBO have signed management agreements with Cloudwerx and, effective July 1, 2009, Cloudwerx will begin and operate both Clinicvault and SEBO Businesses.

Sean Renwick has been appointed President, Bob Kitella, CTO and Sandra Rosano, GM Operations of Cloudwerx. Cloudwerx will have an immediate team of 10 staff and management to start operations, servicing more than 600 users on its current hosting facilities with four different EMR vendor offerings.

In addition to SEBO’s current data centre facilities in Calgary, Cloudwerx will be expanding its hosting capacity by adding a state-of-the-art data centre facility in Kelowna, BC, one of the fastest growing data centre markets in Canada.

Depending on which site is the primary location for clients with province-specific requirements, the second facility will provide a complete operational backup to the other facility and comply with various provincial EMR requirements.

In announcing the partnership with SEBO, Mr. Hildebrandt said, “Combining the data hosting and data storage capabilities of Clinicvault and SEBO positions Cloudwerx to become a leader in this rapidly growing market. The two companies can achieve much more together than would be possible on their own.”

Sean Renwick said, “The collective efforts of QHR and SEBO bring tremendous strengths to this new venture and along with our combined data centres in Calgary and Kelowna, we will be able to offer an enhanced level of service, innovative IT business solutions and a strengthened level of support to our customers.”

Posted July 16/09.