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Analytics solution aimed at DI departments

TORONTO – Thomas Hough (pictured), President of True North Consulting & Associates Inc., has announced the market availability of Clearica3. TNC’s unique decision support software is designed specifically to help Diagnostic Imaging (DI) departments increase and sustain higher levels of productivity.

“For years DI has struggled with the lack of real-time operational information for comparing today’s performance against yesterday’s and for obtaining accurate “apple-to-apple” benchmark operational levels between hospitals,” said Hough.

He added that, “Clearica3 now provides the DI community with both, offering a level of operational information and insight unrealized in Canadian DI. Optimizing existing resources within today’s healthcare system is essential to meeting the Canadian government’s Wait Time initiatives and we believe Clearica3 will be instrumental in helping DI departments accomplish this.”

Clearica3 automatically collects and integrates real-time, disparate data from the hospital’s RIS, PACS and DI modalities into a single presentation delivery, providing valuable up-to-the-minute insight into DI operations, which current hospital information systems cannot supply. This information is presented in a user-friendly and visually rich, web-based performance dashboard and STATCard reporting system.

The combination of real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each DI modality device, accompanied by a suite of institution-specific STATCard Reports, enables Clearica3 users to quickly identify and address operational performance issues before and as they arise.

Now with accurate, up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips, users can make well informed, evidence-based decisions regarding workflow and process changes to accelerate and sustain departmental productivity.

Clearica3’s dynamic DI Modality Utilization Gauges allow users to easily track the progress of operational changes to specific modality processes and provide immediate feedback if these adjustments improve the process and are sustainable.

By using Clearica3’s Regional STATCard Reports, senior hospital administrators will, for the first time, be able to obtain true “apple-to-apple” DI operational benchmark comparisons between participating facilities employing Clearica3.

Data from four different areas are measured and compared using Clearica3’s “Gold Standard”, then presented in the same format for each hospital, providing true one-to-one or one-to-many comparisons. In addition, the software offers the flexibility for each user to select specific levels of granularity for the display of information, enabling comparisons across longer or shorter time periods.

“Clearica3 has been up and running within our facility for less than two months, it augments data provided through traditional financial reporting tools by providing real-time operational information by modality that helps to explain what we see there. We are pleased with the depth of operational intelligence as well as the ease of use and look forward to Clearica3 helping us accelerate efficiencies through each area of our department”, said Lynne Campkin, Director of Diagnostic Services at Markham Stouffville Hospital, in Markham, Ontario.

Clearica3 is currently installed and operating in three sites within the greater Toronto area - Markham Stouffville Hospital, St. Joseph Healthcare Hamilton and Halton Healthcare Services. Clearica3’s software-as-a-service offering is now available for purchase by hospitals across Canada. For further information and to view a real-time demonstration contact David Kwan, National Sales Manager - at

About True North Consulting & Associates Inc.
Insightful thinking and Best Practice Methodologies have made TNC a trusted partner within the Diagnostic Imaging community for the past eleven years. As an independent third-party consultancy, TNC has gained a reputation for enabling healthcare facilities to attain their key strategic initiatives in less time, with lower cost and less risk - providing them with a much faster return on their investment. TNC’s consortium of clinical, commercial and DI subject matter experts provide strategic consultation, change management and pragmatic implementation, focusing on accelerating operational efficiencies through new directions in healthcare technology solutions. For more information, please contact

Posted July 16/09.