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Breast cancer care

DI centre offers fast investigations

VANCOUVER – Canada Diagnostic Centres (B.C.) Ltd. announced the addition of a new Diagnostic Breast Centre. Women with breast problems that need investigation can now get a diagnosis within 3 days. State-of-the-art diagnostic breast ultrasound, breast MRI, core biopsies, plus prompt access to surgical consults and surgery, can all be done within days at the Diagnostic Breast Centre.

“This is an option for women who are anxious to get their results as soon as possible,” says Dr. Ian Gardiner, Director of Advanced Breast Imaging. “The patients who come to us may or may not have breast cancer – our job is to help sort that out quickly.”

The specialized services at the Diagnostic Breast Centre at Canada Diagnostic include:

Ultrasound Elastography (UE)
UE is a specialized type of ultrasound exam used to classify tumours and provides more accuracy than conventional ultrasound. Because cancers are normally much stiffer than normal tissue, elastography can help differentiate between cancer and non-cancer and may help reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.

Core Biopsy
A core biopsy collects small cylinders of solid tissue (versus cells-only with a needle biopsy). Solid tissue pathology is vital to the diagnosis and treatment planning of the patient. In as little as 24 hours, pathology results can indicate whether the tissue contains cancer or not. If it is positive for cancer, the next stage of pathology testing can determine specific aspects of the diagnosis which will help determine treatment.

Breast MRI
Breast MRI is increasingly used to improve the diagnosis and assessment of known breast cancer. It is frequently used to help plan surgical treatment.

Quick access to surgical consult
Patients who may need to go on to surgery can arrange for a private consultation with a surgeon within days of their diagnosis. Some breast surgeries can be arranged in as little as three days.

About Canada Diagnostic
Canada Diagnostic ( is a private MRI, CT and Ultrasound clinic in Vancouver. Canada Diagnostic was the first private clinic in Canada to offer breast MRI, and the first site in Canada to employ CAD software to analyze MRI images. Canada Diagnostic is the first site in Canada to use ultrasound elastography and to employ Certified breast ultrasound sonographers. Canada Diagnostic uses the state-of-the-art pathology lab services at PMI Labs (

About Ian Gardiner, MD FRCP
Dr. Gardiner is the Director of Advanced Breast Imaging Program at Canada Diagnostic Centres in Vancouver BC, as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the UBC Department of Radiology. He is on the Board of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (B.C. Yukon Chapter) and is Chair of the Early Detection Committee, 2020 Task Force. Dr. Gardiner graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine in 1989 and completed his residency in radiology and fellowship in body imaging at the University of Toronto.

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