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CHIEF created for health IT executives

QUÉBEC CITY – CHIEF, a national forum to promote discussion and information sharing among Canadian health information executives, was launched at the eHealth 2009 conference in June.

CHIEF is short for Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum. “These executives have a huge responsibility in making major transformative change happen across the health informatics landscape,” said Heather Jones, executive director of the new organization. “CHIEF provides an effective channel for our members to build the leadership capacity, the relationships and the knowledge that they need to address critical business issues and mitigate large-scale risk.”

COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association has launched CHIEF in partnership with CHIME, the U.S.-based College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. CHIEF promotes the COACH goal of advancing HI as a profession - at the executive level - and is governed by the COACH board.

So far, CHIEF has attracted over 35 executive members from federal entities, provincial health ministries and agencies, LHINs, hospitals and other organizations. “CHIEF addresses the particular challenges, including those around the shortage of qualified HI professionals, that CIOs face,” said CHIEF member Roger Girard, CIO, Manitoba eHealth.

“As a CIO, I welcome the opportunity to open dialogue and share knowledge and best practices with my peers from within the CHIEF member network, while accessing inspiring visionaries and other important resources. CHIEF will help CIOs to deal effectively with ongoing challenges, support succession and facilitate career advancement.”

Special guest speaker Jim Balsillie, co-CEO, Research in Motion, spoke at the CHIEF Inaugural Symposium, held in conjunction with the e-Health conference.

The CHIEF Institute was also launched, to ensure the involvement of private sector solution providers. Founding Institute members include Courtyard Group, Borden Ladner Gervais, Nightingale Informatix and C & D Strategic Consulting. For more information about CHIEF and the CHIEF Institute, contact: Heather Jones, executive director,