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Lab technology

Siemens wins lab automation contract in Brantford

BRANTFORD, Ont. – Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) has awarded a contract to Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd. to supply and install a comprehensive lab system that will combine and fully automate the three disciplines of chemistry, haematology and coagulation.

According to Siemens, the new system, expected to be up and running in the fall of 2009, will set new performance standards and optimize patient test reports, allowing BCHS to save valuable time and increase the efficiency of the testing process.

The ADVIA LabCell from Siemens is designed to streamline laboratory workflow and achieve long-term economic benefits, as well as enhance accuracy. The new system will enable the laboratory staff to perform high-volume bloodwork testing and operate more efficiently using its current resources.

Automatically managing patient specimens from beginning to end, the new automated system will produce results quicker and more efficiently resulting in a projected 40 percent reduction overall in the time physicians are waiting for test results. The new configuration will also take up less floor space, as it combines chemistry, immunochemistry, haematology and coagulation in one unique process.

“Patient safety is a key element of our corporate priority and this new system ensures we are in a position to provide better service to our patients and clients in less time,” said Don Manning, director, Imaging and Laboratory Services of the BCHS. “There will be no disruption in services during the installation and testing period and the process will be seamless to our patients.”

“With the new system in place, we are confident BCHS will deliver exceptional performance with respect to clinical information and test results,” said Jim Graziadei, general manager of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd.

A key component of the system is a central data management system, called Advia CentraLink, which allows operators to manage data from multiple analyzers and disciplines through one workstation. The data archive feature, which reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, will enhance the lab’s ability to provide clinical diagnostic information.

“The software sophistication combined with the automation aspect of the new system is amazing,” said Manning. “The system manages each patient sample individually, recognizing precisely where that sample needs to go, then routing it for optimal efficiency.”

This reduces the number of steps needed to sort, process, and archive samples, saving time and reducing the potential for error by minimizing the physical handling of samples prior to, in between, and following testing.

A key feature of the new system will be the ability to identify results and tag for retesting to ensure accuracy. The heamatology analyzers will also attribute to a 30% reduction in the amount of blood film smears manually generated/reviewed by providing more detailed patient results the first time around. “The retesting feature alone will enhance our performance and provide patients with peace of mind, knowing the results are verified,” said Manning. The open aspect of the configuration allows the flexibility to add new equipment, such as analytical components and solutions, for optimal efficiency and scalability in the future.

The Brant Community Healthcare System is comprised of two sites.
The Brantford General Hospital was established in 1885 and is Brantford and Brant County’s only acute care hospital. It is a regional centre for emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynaecology, critical care, medical and surgical services, paediatrics, complex continuing care, mental health, rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging and The Wescast Centre for Ambulatory Care. It is also home to a specialized cancer care clinic and the S.C. Johnson Dialysis Clinic. The Willett site in Paris provides urgent care, primary care, outpatient programs, outreach services, rehabilitation therapies, health promotion and partnerships to help maintain and improve the community’s health.

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