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Personal health records

Company enters PHR arena with web-based service

TORONTO – Consulting Cadre International, a healthcare solution provider, has introduced Clarity Health Journal, a web-based service that permits consumers of healthcare to securely manage their own health information in a timely, cost-effective and accurate manner. The system allows consumers to create an online "Personal Health Record," or PHR.

According to the company, this solution does away with paper-based record-keeping, enabling subscribers to file and update their health information online through a remote, safe and secure server network for around-the-clock access by them or any physician or healthcare practitioner that they authorize. Hospitals, clinics and ehealth agencies can offer Clarity Health Journal to their clients, patients and their families. The site can be found at:

“Clarity Health Journal fosters wellness by promoting an individual’s involvement in the management of their health, as well as integrating their health data into a healthcare provider’s work flow,” explains Saverio Rinaldi, President, Consulting Cadre International. “Clarity Health Journal also reduces wait-times by eliminating the need to continually re-enter medical information and enhances care by providing access to complete medical information anywhere, anytime.”

Rinaldi anticipates a direct impact on emergency room visits, lowering admission costs and re-admissions due to unmonitored conditions.”

Clarity Health Journal has the capability to cover the broad spectrum of individual health management, from post-natal and elderly care to normal health and chronic disease management.

The solution takes an individual’s health information, which today can be found in paper and/or electronic form in one or more places, including general practitioners and/or specialists’ offices, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and patients’ residences and re-engineers them into an accessible, electronic health journal that can be regularly updated.

“Clarity Health Journal provides seamless integration between the individual, doctor, hospital, clinic and government, ultimately resulting in more accurate health diagnosis and better personal care,” adds Rinaldi.

Online, personal health records have become a topic of great discussion in the healthcare sector, with Google and Microsoft announcing initiatives in recent years. As well, the Canadian Medical Association has launched an initiative called that enables patients to input medical information in a secure, online site. The service is offered through doctors, who can be alerted when their patient’s stats are abnormal.

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