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Diagnostic imaging

Ottawa-area hospital acquires suite of leading-edge DI systems

WINCHESTER, Ont. – The Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) is poised to become a diagnostic imaging leader with a recent agreement to acquire the most advanced equipment available from Toshiba of Canada Limited. The imaging equipment will reduce waiting times, increase the number of patient procedures and provide new and previously unavailable services.

“We evaluated a wide range of technologies when creating our new imaging facilities,” said Trudy Reid, CEO of Winchester District Memorial Hospital. “Toshiba’s products stood out above the rest based on the company’s expertise, willingness to work with us in determining the best use of our resources and flexibility. We’re eager to launch our new digital imaging department.”

“It’s very exciting to play a role in bringing new and better services to a community,” said Behram Engineer, Vice-President & General Manager, Toshiba of Canada Medical Systems Group. “Once this advanced equipment is installed, Winchester District Memorial Hospital will be providing advanced patient diagnostic services that area-residents used to have to travel to Ottawa to receive.”

WDMH is acquiring the following Toshiba imaging equipment:
• A state-of-the-art CT scanner called the Aquilion 64, which conducts full body scans in as little as 15 seconds, compared to 60 seconds with traditional equipment. Faster scanning times allows many patients to be served more quickly, reducing overall waiting times. The Aquilion 64 CT scanner acquires sixty-four 0.5 mm thick slices for every rotation of 35 milliseconds and is an advanced diagnostic tool for examinations of brain, lungs, organs, bones and the vascular system. It is increasingly used for heart and colon screening. Images can be reviewed in two dimensions and rotated in three dimensions.
• The latest Fluoroscopic/Radiographic imaging system called Zexira for real-time examination of the gastric and intestinal systems using the newest, solid state, high resolution flat panel detector pulsed fluoroscopy. The digital technology reduces the radiation dose to patients to approximately 1/10th the levels of older systems. All acquired images are in a digital format and can be electronically stored and transmitted.
• A Digital Radiographic suite called Radrex-i that acquires digital images from two solid state, flat panel detectors. It reduces the need for repeat images as the operator can view acquired images in real-time and manipulate them to achieve superb image quality. All images are digital and can be electronically transmitted to doctors for quick review.
• Two ultrasound systems called APLIO-XG for general whole body examinations, vascular studies, cardiac, obstetrics and gynaecological exams using sound waves and echoes to create images of internal organs and the vascular system. Included is a feature called “Advanced Dynamic Flow” which detects even the very smallest vessels that were not previously visualized.

About WDMH
Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) is a rural community teaching hospital located 40 minutes south of Ottawa. Our clinical and academic mission is rooted in our philosophy of personalized service that brings care closer to home for the 90,000 residents we serve. WDMH is a full-service hospital that responds to the needs of our community, from childbirth and child care to complex care and geriatrics. We are a hub site for cancer care, dialysis and cataract surgery and offer specialty clinics with visiting specialists from Ottawa hospitals. A major capital expansion project, now under way, will result in the most technologically advanced facility in rural Ontario. For more information, visit

About Toshiba of Canada Medical Systems Group
Toshiba of Canada Limited is a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of electronic products and semiconductors. Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Toshiba of Canada Medical Systems Group has focused on improving the quality of life for people around the world. From high-performance CT and leading edge X-ray products to patient-friendly MRI systems and innovative Ultrasound, Toshiba offers systems made for life, to help improve the lives of patients, every day. Throughout its history, Toshiba’s commitment to technological and environmental innovations has distinguished the corporation from its competitors.