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Canon Canada launches medical systems division

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Canon Canada Inc., a leader in digital imaging, has launched its new Medical Systems Division to support sales of its medical technology in the Canadian market. The division extends the availability of Canon’s digital radiography technology to hospitals, clinics and veterinary practices across the country. The Medical Systems Division will operate from Canon Canada’s headquarters in Mississauga, Ont.

“Canon has nearly 70 years of experience developing medical imaging technology and has established an excellent track record in the digital radiography space worldwide. We are pleased to officially establish a presence for this important technology in the Canadian market,” said Mason Olds (pictured), Senior Vice President, Canon Canada Inc.

“As the trend toward digitization moves forward within the medical industry, he added, “Canon will continue developing products to meet the constantly changing needs of the medical community and to help Canadian medical practitioners work faster and more efficiently in an industry where timing is crucial to ensuring a patient’s health.”

Since the 1940s, Canon has leveraged its expertise in imaging technology to be an industry leader in the medical field. Today, the Medical Systems divisions of Canon provide a wide range of digital imaging products that help thousands of medical professionals diagnose and treat patients including:

• General Digital Radiography Systems: Larger digital radiography devices that can accommodate both large and small format anatomical views and can be used to upgrade existing radiography suites with digital imaging capabilities.

• Portable Digital Radiography Systems: Compact, lightweight devices that can be freely positioned to capture images at angles difficult to capture with fixed devices, such as lateral and axial imaging of shoulders, skull, neck, and extremities. The mobility of these devices makes them ideal for a wide range of applications including: pediatric, orthopedic, neonatal, bedside exams, trauma and general radiology applications that benefit from easy handling and portability.

• Digital Radiography Image Viewer Software: Software that provides an economical image-viewing platform to meet the needs of orthopedic physicians, surgery centers and emergency departments. Additional software modules are available for stitching together multiple images and for assistance with surgical planning.

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About Canon Canada Inc.
Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the company employs 1,400 people at its offices nation-wide, servicing the Canadian market from coast to coast. The company asserts that innovation and cutting-edge technology have been essential ingredients in Canon’s success. Canon’s leadership in imaging, optical and document management technology and solutions is based in large part on the thousands of patents the company has secured throughout its history. For the 16th consecutive year, Canon Inc. is among the top three US patent recipients.
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