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Siemens wins CT contract at Alexandra Marine

GODERICH, Ont. – The Alexandra Marine and General Hospital has awarded a contract to Siemens Canada to supply a new 128 slice CT scanner, along with fluoroscopy and general X-ray equipment.

William Thibert (pictured), President and CEO, said “This is a very special day for all of us at AMGH and especially for the Huron County residents, as this project reflects the community spirit in bringing this vital diagnostic equipment to our region.”

Over the past several months, the CT Scanner and Diagnostic Imaging Implementation Team spent countless hours in research, which led them to recommending Siemens as the preferred vendor to the Board.

“We believe Siemens Canada, not only has the best quality and leading technology, but we are confident that their solution exceeds our specifications and expectations,” said Richard Bedard, Director of Clinical Support Services. In making their selection, the team invested the time for various site visits to ensure the equipment performed as described, so there would be no surprises.

“We are very proud that the AMGH has selected Siemens’ technology to provide increased patient care and services to the local community”, said Jacques Bédard, Senior Vice President of Healthcare at Siemens Canada. “At Siemens, we strongly believe that the future of healthcare starts with prevention and early detection and we are pleased that the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital has made this commitment to their local community - and I personally commend them for their visionary leadership.”

The sooner an illness or injury is diagnosed, the better the chances for a complete recovery. A fast, precise, reliable diagnosis is the key to determining the right therapy and avoiding unnecessary medical interventions. Often, it’s imaging technique that provides doctors with vital diagnostic information.

The team, led by Richard Bedard, Colleen Maguire (Manager of Medical Imaging), Dr. Roman Kozak (Chief Radiologist), Yolanda Mundt (Technical Specialist), Dr Ali Islam (Radiologist), Meribeth Vlemmix (Director, Support Services) and Gregg DeWinter (Financial Analyst), performed an exhaustive search and due diligence with respect to the selection process.

“From the onset of this opportunity, we knew we had to do our homework. Considering all the financial support is coming from the local community, through various fundraising activities, we felt we had an obligation to deliver the best possible solution,” said Richard Bedard.

In modern healthcare delivery, imaging has become one of the essential cornerstones in daily routine of physicians and other professionals. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures rely on highly innovative imaging technologies for disease detection, treatment and follow-up that are as safe, patient friendly and effective as possible.

While the CT Scanner is the centrepiece of this undertaking, it is not the entire project. Replacement of general X-ray and fluoroscopic equipment is also part of the upgrading of the diagnostic imaging and radiology at the AMGH for Huron County residents.