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Physician IT

P&P releases upgrade of clinical system

TORONTO – P & P Data Systems (, a leading developer of paperless solutions for the medical industry, released version 7.4.5 of its Clinic Information System (CIS) at the Family Medicine 2008 Forum.

CIS 7.4.5 is a comprehensive Clinic Management System that includes a flexible and powerful scheduler, patient demographics management with the option of automated health card validation and a billing suite capable of electronic data transfer.

Users requiring more features can customize the package with advanced immunization and compliance, prescription writing capabilities, truly paperless electronic medical records (EMR), and a lab connection module. For flexible document management facilities, P & P’s PaperClip module is also available.

“This release really caps off another excellent year for the company,” said Moshe Pinhas, President, P & P Data Systems. “We have taken our most consultative approach ever in the product’s features and functionality. In the summer, we held a successful user group and really modelled many of the features of our new product based solely on user feedback.

Optional add-ons to the platform include the following modules:

Biometric Authorization: Before logging in or entering sensitive data, the clinician runs a finger through the biometric scanner and is easily identified.

Smart Scan: Smart Scan allows clinicians to attach documents electronically to their patient’s medical records with minimal user interaction.

Communications Management: Once a specific task has been performed, the system flags it appropriately and the task is closed. Similarly, if a communication is running late or not done, the system alerts the user for action on the task.

Kiosk: On arrival at a clinician’s office, patients swipe their health cards through the kiosk’s card reader. Once done, the system immediately notifies the appropriate clinician and the patient is then promptly seen. The kiosk can even contact the Ministry of Health and confirm health card validity.

Chronic Disease Manager: Since no two patients are alike, each dashboard is infinitely customizable, based not only on parameters clinicians select but also those that relate specifically to that patient.

Preventative Medicine: No more manual processes and misplaced sticky notes –all costly options. This feature ensures patients never miss a maintenance appointment again.

About P & P Data Systems Inc.

Established in Toronto in 1982, P & P Data Systems Inc’s early vision was to develop systems for physicians to improve and automate their billing processes. Today the company remains dedicated to serving the healthcare marketplace by developing systems that cater to every medical specialty. P & P provides skilled trainers and implementation specialists to lead clinic administrative staff into the new world of electronic recordkeeping. With P & P’s support, medical practices achieve their goals of enjoying a cost-effective system with advanced capabilities. These systems not only increase productivity but also deliver significant economies. For more information, please visit