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Electronic patient records

Dinmar to supply patient index for Eastern Ontario

OTTAWA – Dinmar, a leading North American healthcare information technology (IT) company, announced that 14 care delivery organizations throughout eastern Ontario have contracted with Dinmar to implement the Oacis Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) in order to link disparate patient information systems across the region.

“A significant challenge to delivering coordinated care throughout our geographic area is the many disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other,” commented J.P. Soublière, chairman of the IT Steering Committee. “Given the multiple existing hospital systems and scale of Eastern Ontario, Oacis is the only practical solution available today. The Oacis EMPI application will help move us toward information interoperability region-wide, starting with the accurate identification and linking of patient records.”

With respect to the region-wide project, the Oacis EMPI will link patient identifiers from rural and urban hospitals across the region. This will facilitate the electronic exchange of health information both within and across regional networks and ultimately lead to better patient care in Eastern Ontario. The project is the first of a multi-phase plan to implement a common electronic health record across all of eastern Ontario through the Oacis solution. The project will extend in eastern Ontario from Deep River down to Cornwall and include 14 hospital sites as well as referent, tertiary hospitals in the city of Ottawa.

“A key differentiator of the Oacis Electronic Health Record System is that while key components, such as the data repository, integration engine, and EMPI were built to work in harmony with each other, their open architecture construct enables them to be installed separately and to easily interoperate with other systems,” says Mark Groper, president and CEO of Dinmar. “Compared with the high cost and risk of alternatives that require total system replacement to work properly, Oacis offers the ability to assemble a region-wide information strategy, one logical and cost-effective step at a time.”

Dinmar estimates the contract value at approximately $3 million and expects the first-stage sites to be implemented within 6 months and estimates the later stage-sites will be operational within 12 to 18 months.

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