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Mount Sinai Hospital opens informatics centre

TORONTO – Mount Sinai Hospital has opened a new centre devoted to working with technology partners to utilize new information and communication technologies in the hospital setting.

The Informatics Technovision Unit (ITU) brings together a community of technology, clinical and academic partners to identify information and communication technology (ICT) solutions that will support and enhance healthcare delivery.

“This unit brings Mount Sinai Hospital’s technical and clinical expertise to bear on the very latest technological innovations and provides integrated access to test functionality and integration with existing solutions in a live healthcare environment,” says Dr. Lynn Nagle, senior vice-president of technology and knowledge management at Mount Sinai Hospital.

(Pictured above, at the opening of the TELUS eLearning Centre, part of the ITU, left to right:  Fitzroy Nash and Lynn Holloran of Telus, former MSH board chair Bernard Ghert, Kalev Ruberg of Telus, Mount Sinai Hospital CEO Joseph Mapa, and Dr. Lynn Nagle.)

“Mount Sinai has a well-earned reputation as a leader in new techniques and applying new technologies. The healthcare setting is one that truly stands to benefit from the possibilities now available to us through the latest generation of information and communication technology.”

For example, in a time when many healthcare professionals work out of more than one site, Mount Sinai Hospital is working with a software developer to design a portal solution for physicians that has the potential to bring consistency to the user interface, no matter what a hospital’s proprietary IT system might be. This strategy offers a potential solution to a significant problem among the teaching hospitals – inconsistency in IT solutions that support clinical care.

The goal is to provide a familiar and consistent look and feel for clinicians who provide care in multiple facilities, without a significant reinvestment in a common platform across hospitals.

Identifying appropriate software applications is only a part of the ITU story. Mount Sinai is actively involved in deploying a wireless infrastructure throughout the hospital. The strategy includes an architecture for a wireless Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network to support point-of-care voice and data applications. Clinicians will have easy access to clinical information no matter where they are in the hospital.

All of these efforts have been extremely successful largely because of collaborative partnerships with technology vendors. Additionally, because the hospital’s network environment is host to vendors who compete in the marketplace, it affords the Informatics team an opportunity and challenge to achieve interoperability between disparate systems.

The second phase of the ITU will be the creation of an eLearning Centre, made possible by the generosity of TELUS. The TELUS eLearning Centre will focus on the provision of technical and clinical training to MSH constituents, as well as academic and community outreach. Other major contributors to the ITU include: Nortel, IBM, Cerner, Cisco, Network Appliance, MDI, Tenet Computers, and Charon Systems.

The ITU will provide a live test lab for MSH and its partners to identify innovative information and communication technologies to support our clinical, academic, and research mandates.

About Mount Sinai Hospital
Mount Sinai Hospital is recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in the provision of compassionate patient care, teaching and research. Its key priority programs are Infectious Diseases, Women’s and Infants’ Health, Cancer Surgery, General Internal and Subspecialty Medicine, Digestive Diseases, Arthritis and Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, Primary and Community Health and the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. It is a University of Toronto affiliated patient care, teaching and research centre.