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Osler inks deal with Teranet for disaster planning

Teranet Enterprises Inc. announced that it is providing William Osler Health Centre, Ontario’s sixth largest hospital corporation, with electronic recovery services for the hospital’s mission critical information systems.

This five-year deal is part of the hospital’s disaster recovery plan. An innovative business agreement made the project affordable for the hospital, while protecting direct patient care services.

As healthcare institutions move to an electronic based records system, it is imperative that a reliable back-up system is in place to safeguard patient information. Using data replication software from EMC Corp., electronic patient information will be automatically copied as it is entered into the hospital’s computer system and stored in EMC’s networked storage systems at Teranet’s secure facilities.

Design and implementation services were provided by JJWild Inc., who are recognized experts in restoration of the MEDITECH software used by the health centre.

“This electronic recovery system provides William Osler Health Centre with the ability to continuously maintain patient data securely and to enable information sharing, repurposing and data recovery,” said Aris Kaplanis, CEO and president, Teranet. “It is a system that is affordable and can be implemented by any hospital that wants to ensure the safety of their records.”

Teranet is providing electronic recovery services to William Osler Health Centre, enabled by information storage and management solutions from EMC, together with integration, consulting, and support services from JJWild. This type of service is familiar territory for Teranet, which has a well-established track record of providing secure and reliable managed services to a variety of clients.

“In today’s computerized world, it is of paramount importance that hospitals have reliable and secure information systems in place as part of overall patient care. With this new electronic recovery system, patients and staff at William Osler can feel confident about the security of electronic patient information and know that quality patient care we provide can continue uninterrupted,” said Robert J. Bell, president and CEO of William Osler Health Centre.

As well as coordinating the project, Teranet will host and operate the system, performing the data replication on a continuous basis. Maintaining the integrity of information systems will ensure that healthcare providers at William Osler Health Centre can concentrate on providing the best possible patient care.

Teranet develops business-to-business and business-to-government e-service solutions. With a unique combination of capabilities and state-of-the-art systems, Teranet provides solutions to the healthcare, land, legal and financial services industries as well as enabling electronic government service delivery.