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Electronic medical records

Cogient allies with AssistMed, creates improved EMR

LOS ANGELES and TORONTO – AssistMed Inc., a provider of advanced Web-based transcription and health data integration products, and Cogient Corp., a leading Canadian medical practice management and Application Service Provider (ASP), have announced their signing of an exclusive strategic alliance agreement covering the US and Canada.

The companies are targeting their integrated suite of web-based and patented technologies at the market for secure, sharable EMRs across entire health provider communities, linking hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices.

Dr. Leonardo Berezovsky, CEO of AssistMed and founder of AHI, Inc., one of the first and largest Integrated Health Delivery Networks in the US with 9,000 physicians, commented: “Physicians have historically been slow to adopt Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). EMR-based practices are much more cost- efficient than paper-based practices, but the change management process of going from one to the other is a serious hurdle to widespread adoption. As a physician, I know the tremendous benefits of an EMR shared across different care settings in a community, but I am also sympathetic to the doctors’ aversion to change. AssistMed offers a unique solution to this problem.”

AssistMed’s president, Raul Kivatinetz, elaborated: “We performed an exhaustive analysis of the health data integration, practice management and EMR fields, as well as how to normalize and index free-form medical text. Based on that analysis, we have assembled what will become a world-leading suite of application products. We will enable physicians to continue their normal documentation routine while our technology populates our EMR using SNOMED, a standardized medical terminology system that is the standard for the US and UK governments and accepted world-wide.

Minimizing physician behavioral change is key to widespread adoption. Once the EMR is populated with a critical mass of patient data, our physicians can earn additional revenue through research as well as perform safety and quality assurance checks and optimize their practice workflow with electronic notes, referrals, follow-ups, lab orders and results.”

“AssistMed’s large installed base of physician customers, along with their established relationships with regional and national health system chains means both a potential for significant growth in Cogient revenues from US installations as well as expanded product revenue opportunities for Cogient in Canada,” said John Soloninka, President and COO of Cogient.

“We now have the opportunity to interface with large hospital information systems such as MediTech, HBOC, and many third party systems which are crucial to success in creating electronic health records that cross hospital, clinic and physician office settings,” said Soloninka.

“Lastly, the natural language processing (NLP) technology is a unique and highly competitive feature of our solution that will greatly speed the adoption of EMRs by the majority of non-technical physician users. The NLP allows us to begin real-time outcome analysis of patient data, trends and practice patterns across multiple settings from the moment a health system goes live with our solution.”

Cogient and AssistMed will begin cross-selling existing products immediately, and rolling out a jointly branded integrated solution in Q4 to selected hospital chain pilot sites in the US and Canada.

About AssistMed Inc: ( AssistMed is a California-based company that has developed and provides web-based transcription and health data integration services to several thousand physicians across the US. The company integrates technology and implements Community Electronic Health Records and knowledge extraction for the benefit of physicians, hospitals, Payers and research organizations.

About Cogient Corp: ( Cogient is one of Canada’s premier providers of secure, Internet-based medical practice office management, workflow and electronic medical-record (EMR) application services. Cogient Corp is Toronto-based, currently servicing Canadian customers, with expansion underway in the US and selected foreign markets.