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Continuing Care

VON Canada's Ontario wing switches to Procura

After a comprehensive review of computerized solutions, the Victorian Order of Nurses Canada Ontario, announced the selection of the Procura Health Management System as its standard for clinical and back office systems. VON Canada -- Ontario elected to retire their legacy systems and replace them with Procura's integrated solution.

"Strategically, we needed to select a solution, backed by a quality organization, that will provide the operational and management support we need in our business over the long term. Procura's solution and their attitude towards customer service have been illustrated by their innovative ideas, cost-effective products and the expertise of their staff," said Ian MacEachern, director of IT for the VON Canada.

Paul Ting, vice president operations Ontario, for VON Canada, said, "We evaluated a number of factors before coming to a decision, including: platform stability, application feature-set, the application's future direction, implementation and data migration approach, maintainability, company focus, and company support. VON Canada -- Ontario selected Procura because its design and platform architecture is truly scalable to very large organizations. Moreover, Procura has demonstrated its commitment to the home and community care community through its support and continued focus."

"VON Canada has been one of our flagship accounts in Canada since 2000," said Warren Brown (pictured at left), president of Victoria, B.C.-based Procura. VON Canada Ontario's decision to adopt Procura as their standard and convert the remaining VON Canada- Ontario branches to Procura is a vote of confidence. It strengthens our resolve to work with the community and continue to provide the "standard" in clinical and back office systems for home and community care. We are well on our way to fulfilling our vision of supporting healthcare up to the hospital door."

According to the company, four of the five largest national providers of home care in Canada use Procura. Clients with over 250 sites, with over 3,000 users have deployed Procura to manage over 30,000 employees and deliver over $.6 billion in home and community care services in Canada and the United States.

Procura is said to be a fully integrated solution for home and community care that provides point-of-care, clinical, and back office functions.

VON is a national health organization and registered charity offering a wide range of community healthcare solutions that meet the needs of Canadians from coast to coast. VON is dedicated to being a leader in the delivery of innovative comprehensive health and social services and to influencing the development of health and social policy in Canada. VON is committed to quality improvement and is nationally accredited by the Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation.