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Physician IT

New magazine for physician office IT announced

TORONTO Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine has announced the launch of a new publication called Technology for Doctors. The new, quarterly magazine will be aimed at doctors working outside of hospitals; the first issue is to be published in October 2004.

The magazine will begin with a circulation of 12,000 physician offices across Canada, comprising a cross-section of GPs and specialists, including 700 independent DI clinics.

General practitioners and specialists working in clinics outside of hospitals have traditionally used paper charts, faxes and regular mail for record-keeping and communication methods no faster than the days of the Pony Express.

Recently, however, physicians have begun to computerize their offices, opting for the faster access to information, decision support tools, storage solutions and improved accuracy that come with information technologies.

Technology for Doctors magazine will provide physicians across Canada with up-to-date news, analysis, opinion and commentary on developments that affect them. It will outline leading technological solutions for doctors and show how they're being implemented in clinics across the country.

"Physicians have told us there is a real need for a publication of this kind," said Jerry Zeidenberg, publisher of Canadian Healthcare Technology and the new magazine, Technology for Doctors. "They say it's the right magazine at the right time."

Technology for Doctors will be edited by Issie Rabinovitch, PhD, a long-time columnist for Canadian Healthcare Technology. He will coordinate a team of experienced journalists and consultants, as well as physicians who will write articles for the magazine.

Topics to be covered in the magazine include:

Leading government and community programs for physician I.T.;
Profiles of significant I.T. projects for doctors;
Experiences of doctors who have implemented computerized systems.
How-to articles;
Trends pieces what to expect in technology.
Analysis of the pro's and con's of various solutions.
ROI analysis of solutions implemented by clinics.

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