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Business Intelligence

Bloorview opts for performance management system from Cognos

TORONTO Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre, a children's rehabilitation hospital in Toronto, has implemented Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions (EBI) across the organization to support strategic decision-making, improve financial planning and patient and people management.

Cognos is a leader in business intelligence systems and corporate performance management solutions. Its technology will allow Bloorview MacMillan to create a performance management system to track important business and patient indicators, improve reporting processes and perform in-depth analysis on patient and administrative data.

Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre will present their successful solution at the upcoming Cognos Forum on June 28th in Orlando, Florida.

Bloorview MacMillan is a paediatric rehabilitation hospital and children's treatment centre that specializes in family-centered rehabilitation, complex continuing care, advocacy, education and research.

By unifying information assets across the hospital and leveraging the Meditech data repository, Bloorview MacMillan is able to create a central source for staff members to access and analyze critical patient, financial, clinical, human resources, and administrative data.

The Cognos EBI solution is providing increased insight into admissions and discharge trends, length of stays, as well as the ability to track and trend the utilization of resources.

"Our goal is to better understand how hospital resources are utilized and to equip our staff members with tools to make better decisions that affect patient care," said Hakim Lakhani, Director of Decision Support and Planning at the hospital.

"This is more than a technology solution," said Lakhani. "This is a cultural shift for the organization and we have been very pleased with the results we have seen to date."

"Bloorview MacMillan has made tremendous gains in the use of information since implementing the Cognos EBI solution. Staff have access to information which is presented in a format that is readily available, easy to use and provides users with flexibility in reporting," said Linda Hatton, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications at Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre. "Without Cognos, we were not able to respond, develop or sustain this level of information management."

Bloorview MacMillan is currently implementing a scorecard application from Cognos, which will soon enable staff to easily monitor all key performance indicators.

"By understanding the predictors of treatment and care, healthcare providers are able to plan for and deliver consistent and predictable care to their communities, while optimizing the use of precious financial and facility resources," said Terence Atkinson, director of public sector solutions, Cognos.

"Cognos provides these organizations with a performance management solution that enables hospitals to optimize resource use, track and analyze clinical information, and improve operational efficiencies, while protecting the confidentiality and security of patient data," said Atkinson.

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