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Wescom’s RAI-HC selected for Ontario-wide usage

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Mike Wessinger, president and CEO of Wescom Solutions Inc., announced that the Ontario Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) have selected Wescom’s web-based RAI-HC for province-wide implementation.

Wescom’s RAI-HC is an internationally accepted assessment instrument used for the management of adults requiring long-term homecare services or access to a long-term care centre.

The CCAC’s goal is to implement a computerized RAI-HC to provide consistent and comprehensive assessments to Ontario adults requiring these services.

This initiative will consist of a single, centralized web-based RAI-HC application installed into disconnected laptops across the province.

Three thousand caseworkers will use laptops to complete assessments in the community and connect periodically to the centralized system that will effectively manage and maintain assessments completed across the province.

“We are every excited to about the scope of the project. This initiative places Ontario as leaders in the use of the RAI-HC,” Wessinger said.

“Not only is this Canada’s first province wide implementation of the RAI-HC, but it will also be one of the largest system-wide implementations of the instrument in the world,” Wessinger added.

Ontario’s 43 CCACs provide one-stop access to a wide range of programs, including in-home health services, to about 440,000 Ontarians annually. In addition to managing community-based services, CCACs co-ordinate access for approximately 25,000 people to long-term care facilities. CCACs also represent over $1 billion in transfer-payment funding.

Wescom Solutions Inc. is a Mississauga-based healthcare software solutions provider. Founded in 1995, Wescom provides a range of technology solutions for healthcare including PointClickCare On-Demand Long-Term Care Software, RAI-HC, and case management solutions to health systems. Wescom Solutions currently serves over a thousand healthcare customers in forty states, 10 provinces and select international markets. Further information is available at