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Hospital IT

Business intelligence apps for hospitals

A number of recent announcements have been made regarding business intelligence applications for hospitals. Of note:

• Montreal’s Sir Mortimer B. Davis – Jewish General Hospital (JGH), a teaching hospital of McGill University, has selected Cognos as the BI standard for the hospital.

By implementing Cognos ReportNet, clinical and administrative managers will be able to more easily access and report on the volumes of patient, administrative, clinical, and financial data stored in the hospital’s corporate data warehouse.

Through a secure corporate portal, hospital users will be able to produce standard and customized management reports, perform ad hoc-queries, and monitor hospital operations via a management dashboard.

“Implementing Cognos business intelligence at JGH facilitates quality improvement and fact-based decision making,” said Frederic Abergel, director of information services, Jewish General Hospital.

“Delivering quality healthcare in the face of continuous budget pressure is a huge challenge for the healthcare industry. By understanding the predictors of treatment and care, healthcare providers are able to plan for and deliver consistent and predictable care to their communities, while optimizing the use of precious financial and facility resources,” said Terence Atkinson, director of public sector solutions, Cognos.

• The Scarborough Hospital, in Toronto, announced that it is implementing MediSolution’s business intelligence offering in the area of healthcare resource management. The solution is designed to maximize employee staffing and ensure in real-time that the quality and quantity of resources assigned are best suited to the level and type of services required.

“Our mandate is to meet the highest standard in urban community health and wellness services for our patients,” said Rheta Fanizza, vice president, clinical diagnostic and information services. “Using MediSolution’s BI offering, our decision-makers will be able to quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions.

“Ultimately, this enables our healthcare workers and administrators to deliver a higher level of patient care,” she said.

MediSolution’s BI solutions are based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. According to the company, they’re scalable and adaptable to customer-specific requirements and environments.

• Longview Solutions Inc., of Markham, Ont., a developer of performance management systems, recently entered the healthcare sector. The company has a successful track record in providing performance management and business intelligence solutions, and has implemented solutions for many of the Fortune 500 companies. In recent months, it has won two healthcare customers in the United States, and is now in discussions with Canadian hospitals.