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McVeigh leads Infohealth's IT consulting in Canada

Doug McVeigh, formerly president and CEO of Medbuy Corp., has returned to the Canadian healthcare sector as vice president, Canadian operations, for Infohealth Management Corp. of Chicago, a healthcare IT consulting and outsourcing company.

McVeigh retired last year as chief of London, Ont.-based Medbuy, where he spurred the growth of the national group purchasing organization and led the creation of its e-procurement initiative. It was a short retirement, however, as Infohealth approached him with an offer to lead its Canadian expansion, and McVeigh accepted the challenge.

For its part, Infohealth has clients across the United States, and is now winning customers in Canada with solutions that accentuate process improvement and cost reductions for clinical, business and IT operations in hospitals. It currently counts among its Canadian customers the Hamilton Health Sciences Corp., where the IT management functions are outsourced to Infohealth.

According to the company, Infohealth has helped Hamilton Health Sciences save $1 million a year in equipment lease costs; decrease maintenance costs by 50 percent yearly; save a projected $2 million annually by standardizing clinical systems; and has reduced salary costs by $90,000 a month.

McVeigh noted that Infohealth has now struck an alliance with Longview Solutions, of Markham, Ont., developer of the Khalix performance management  software system that has been adopted by many large North American corporations, including Cisco.

Infohealth is a Khalix implementer and consultant for the healthcare sector in North America. According to McVeigh, the software would help Canadian hospitals streamline the collection and analysis of financial and clinical data. "The software connects very easily to systems that are commonly used in hospitals, including Meditech and PeopleSoft," he said.

McVeigh observed that many Canadian hospitals have set up decision support teams to interpret data collected by various departments for the purposes of forecasting and budgeting. The Longview software assists these teams, he said, and can be used to implement process improvement for both the clinical and administrative sides of the enterprise.

Khalix is also geared to top management - including CEOs, presidents, and chief financial officers - for use as a modeling tool and a system for financial and strategic planning.