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Mobile Computing

Motion Computing announces major healthcare installation of tablet PCs

While many doctors are interested in using tablet PCs, sales have been slow, with a few trickling into medical offices here and there.

Significantly, Motion Computing has announced an agreement to deploy 5,000 tablet PCs to HealthSouth Corp., a large U.S. organization made up of hospitals and clinics. The ultramobile, wireless Motion M1300 Tablet PCs will be distributed throughout HealthSouth's nationwide network of approximately 1,400 outpatient rehabilitation facilities and will streamline workflow for clinicians and enhance patient care.

Motion Computing - a top-tier tablet PC maker with an almost 6 percent share of the worldwide market - specializes in lightweight, slate-style products, featuring electronic stylus "pens" as the primary input device.

Microsoft, Motion and other PC makers last year introduced the new product category, which includes pure slate models and "convertible" units with attached keyboards. With an industry-leading 12.1-inch display, Motion's award-winning tablet PCs are based on Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, the industry's most advanced pen-enabled software.

"The efficiency of the tablet PC adds significant value to the rehabilitation process," said Randy Carpenter, HealthSouth senior vice president and chief information officer. "Motion is one of the world's leading tablet PC manufacturers with a strong commitment to healthcare. This program allows us to provide our clinicians with the latest technology and keeps us focused on our main priority - our patients."

Equipped with TherapySource software from Source Medical Solutions Inc., the tablet PCs will streamline workflow, improve accuracy and reduce costs by managing scheduling, registration, clinical documentation, coding, reporting and other tasks." This is a flagship application of tablet PC technology," said Motion CEO Scott Eckert. "We are pleased to play a supporting role as HealthSouth continues to drive innovation in the healthcare field."

"A growing number of healthcare professionals are embracing the tablet PC for one very compelling reason: it helps them improve patient care," said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp. "By leveraging the power and portability of the tablet PC, providers can access patient information from virtually anywhere, communicate and consult instantly with their medical colleagues, and reduce the amount of time they spend on paperwork. This Motion Computing tablet PC deployment provides HealthSouth with a valuable tool, but it's their patients who will benefit most."

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